We made it to Wyoming!  First impression … Wyoming is big!  Wide open land with rolling hills.  Mountains in the distance.


I’ve always heard about the wind and blowing snow problems on Wyoming interstates and highways.  Wyoming DOT implemented solutions … intermittently spaced wooden snow fences or the same of planted pine trees.  And they are everywhere!



If roads become too dangerous, barriers drop across highways and interstates like train crossings.  Closed!



(One more comment about roads … cattle guards.  Cattle guards are everywhere.  At on and off ramps to the interstates, highways and roads through towns.  And of course lots of cattle dot the land as well.)

In Chugwater, Wyoming, interesting rock bluffs dominate the landscape.  They are called Chugwater Formations.  The base is sandstone, with siltstone and shale mixed in.  This type of rocky bluff can be found in Wyoming, Montana and Colorado.



DSCN2953 (2).JPG

The town of Chugwater is also known for their awesome chili!  We didn’t get to stop for that but plan to if we make a trip down to Cheyenne.


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